Investing in the
Building Blocks of a
Fully Immersive Web.

Together, our portfolio companies will contribute to onboarding the next 100M users of Web3.

Investing at the Intersection of Community, Content, and Commerce.

Metaverse Operations

Scaling Layer

  • Data Highways
  • Interopable Wallets
  • Credit Ratings
  • SSI’s & Reputation
  • High Fidelity Streaming
  • Avatars & Wallets
  • Oracle Infrastructure
  • Reg & Identity Tech

Application Layer

  • Fully Inverted platforms
  • New incentive models
  • Fan-driven economies


  • Web3 Financial Infrastructure
  • DeFi Applications
  • App-specific blockchains
  • Bridges
Reaching the End-users

Last Mile

  • Connecting users (SMEs, individuals, etc.) into digital-first opportunities & other sectors
  • Emerging market apps (e.g. local language)

Our Team

  • Jill Richmond

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Jill is an investor and entrepreneur with over 15 years as a leader in fintech startups. Previously, she co-founded Jewel Bank, a Bermuda-based digital asset bank. Jill is experienced in global financial markets, institutional sales, strategic development & revenue generation with a proven track record. A three-time entrepreneur and innovation and growth strategist at all stages of innovation from ideation, venture funding and capital infusion to exit or acquisition. Jill spent her career both on Capitol Hill, World Bank and working with and advising early-stage pre-seed/seed companies on capital and growth and high growth technology companies scale post Series A. Jill is a seasoned mentor with Techstars, UCLA EMBA & Endless Frontier Labs at (NYU Stern).

  • Tamlyn Rudolph

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Co-founder of Kitefin Labs, Vega Protocol, and a $100m proprietary trading firm with a market-leading track record. Tamlyn advises and contributes to multiple DAOs and DeFi projects spanning Bitcoin mining, lending, trading and derivative protocols. She has been building in the DeFi and the digital asset environment for over five years.

  • Anton Golub

    Venture Partner

    Anton is a Strategic Advisor of Pazar, a decentralized OTC marketplace. Anton founded & served as CEO of flovtec, Swiss market-maker providing liquidity solutions to digital asset exchanges, token issuers & protocols and offering investment products for professional & institutional investors. Anton is also a co-founder of Trust Square AG, a pre-eminent blockchain technology hub located in Zurich's financial district. Anton co-founded Lykke Corp, a blockchain-powered exchange to trade all assets with zero fees, where he served as a Chief Science Officer. Prior to Lykke, he worked as a quantitative researcher at Olsen Ltd (successor to Olsen & Associates, founded in 1985), a hedge fund that pioneered the field of high-frequency trading.

  • Zoe Seccull

    Venture Partner

    6+ years working with crypto startups and venture funds, including: Maven 11 Capital, Iconic Funds, and European Managing Partner at Apollo Crypto. 2x co-founder of venture-backed crypto startups; an education platform and Tendermint-incubated NFT protocol. Pre-seed startup angel and advisor in blockchain and space-tech, including Moonshot space accelerator Over a decade working with investors across different asset classes (health, blockchain, space) and geographies (Oceana, UK, Europe & US).

  • Matthew Nolan

    Venture Partner

    18+ years of product and engineering experience, working with major brands such as Nike, ABC Family Channel, IBM, JP Morgan & Jeep. Serial founder with successful raises, product adoption and 1 x exit. Won several awards including: 'Most Innovative Company of 2016' from Fast Company, Webby awards for “Best Mobile Social App”, Muse Creative Award for best mobile app. TED Speaker and Resident

  • Anitha Vadavatha

    Venture Partner

    20+ years of tech, startups, financial services and consulting experience. Co-Founder & Managing Partner, AB Plus Ventures, & former advisory council board at Shadow Ventures, early stage Proptech VC Fund. Exponential Tech advisor and mentor to AI, Web 3.0 & biotech companies (Singularity University Ventures, MIT Emerging Worlds, GSV Labs). Former operator in tech & venture backed startups- EdTech AI (Acquired), Intelligroup Inc. (NASDAQ), CySphere (IPO under PartyGaming).

  • Neel Vora

    Venture Partner

    Neel is based out of the SF Bay Area and heads M&A and Investments for a $6b Group. Over the last 1.5 decades, Neel has Invested, Raised, Lent & Monitored Portfolios cumulatively worth USD $800m and evaluated businesses, which have been just 15 days old to 150 yr. old conglomerates. He has worked across multiple asset classes like Debt & Equity, Public & Private Markets, Growth & Stressed Capital, Technology/Traditional & Real Estate sectors, Early & Late stages, Buy & Sell side, VC and M&A deals. Neel is an ex-Founder of a Revenue based Finance Fintech startup - Plinth Capital.

Why We’re On The Cap Table

  • Strong Industry Expertise

    We provide defined opportunity, market potential, and successful early rational support across ecosystem solutions and sector expertise.

  • Deal Sourcing and Network Advantages

    We have a global network in both footprint and business development access and key on-the-ground relationships to build and scout.

  • Active Fund Management

    We’re delegators, node operators, liquidity providers, trusted cosigners in multisig wallets, as well as active participants in governance.

Advisors When You
Need Them The Most

Full Stack Advisors

We have deep industry expertise combined with a strong track record targeting high-growth, early-stage startups globally.